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Made in South Australia

Press-bowl sinks locally made for over 75 years.

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Water filter systems

Satellite or 3 Way Mixer Water Filtration System Replacement Cartridge


This cartridge is suited to the Satellite Water Filtration System or the 3 Way Filter tap or Satellite Tap Water Filtration System for standard water use.

(†) Filter cartridge life is subject to incoming water pressure, water flow and water quality.

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Pure filtered water in your own home? Now that's refreshing.

Inline, Satellite or 3-way Filter System

Choose an Inline System to filter water through an existing mixer • Use a Satellite System to deliver filtered water to a separate designer satellite tap (supplied) • Select a Filter Connection Kit to deliver filtered water to a 3-way mixer (sold separately) or an existing satellite tap.

Easy to change cartridge

Simple bayonet style connection means cartridges are easy to change.

Flexible installation options

Can be installed horizontally or vertically to best utilise available cupboard space.

Latest technology

The latest carbon block technology absorbs chlorine, bad tastes, odours, dirt, rust and cysts (eg. giardia and cryptosporidium)

Harsh water option

Inline systems are available for homes in 'hard' or 'harsh' water areas.

Limescale reduction

Helps to prevent the build-up of limescale.

Warranty conditions apply. Under its policy of ongoing product development Oliveri Solutions may from time to time change product specification without notice. All dimensions given are approximate and should be checked prior to installation. Further warranty and installation details are available on this website.

Made in


Flow rate

0 - 1.9L /min

Water pressure

70 - 500 kPa


2 - 38 c

Micron rating

1 micron


9,450 litres or 1 year whichever comes sooner (†)


Satellite Tap, Satellite or 3 Way Mixer